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Washington Post Quotes Blog on Net Neutrality

Today’s Washington Post quotes from my blog posts on Net Neutrality and the naivete of the FCC’s proposals last week. See “AT&T Slams Google Voice.”

The Net Neutrality Walk of Shame

It’s the morning after Chairman Genachowski’s impassioned call for new FCC regulations to impose “net neutality” rules on Internet access providers.  No surprise, everyone is reaching for the aspirin.  Communications users have been partying like it’s 1974, when U.S. regulators finally began the painful process of breaking up the long-sanctioned AT&T monopolies on long-distance and […]

The Persistent Myths of Identity Theft

Law Six of The Laws of Disruption deals with the myths and realities of Internet crime.  It’s a subject that’s bothered me for a long time.  Back in the Stone Age (1995), John Perry Barlow and I wrote a Position Paper for Computer Sciences Corporation titled, “Five Privacy and Security Imperatives for Electronic Trade.”   (It’s […]

The antitrust sledgehammer

Lovers of freedom and protectors of keeping out-of-print books out of print are dancing with glee at the announcement yesterday from Google and the trade associations who sued the company that they are renegotiating their settlement. This in light of the torrent of objections received by the court, notably a last-minute (technically after the deadline) […]

LoD/The Laws of Disruption Video

October 2009 – Introducing “The Laws of Disruption” video. To watch an extended play version, click here.

Inc./When Collaboration and the Law Collide

“When Collaboration and the Law Collide,” Inc. Magazine, May, 2009 – Part Two of Larry Downes’s interview with Inc.’s Leigh Buchanan deals with legal dilemmas associated with social media.

Zombieland – The Return of Net neutrality

(I apologize in advance for the length of this blog entry. If you get all the way through this post and think to yourself that net neutrality is more technical and more complicated than you thought, and that in all honesty you really don’t understand it well enough to form an opinion, than I have […]

The harmonic convergence

The thesis of “The Laws of Disruption” is that the accelerating pace of digital life increases the conflicts between innovation and the much-slower paced legal system. On The New York Times website yesterday, all three “Technology” headlines were in fact stories about the conflict: • Government Urges Changes to Google Books Deal • Skype Founders […]

Veoh dodges the DMCA bullet

My friend Andrew Bridges points out an important development in the ongoing war between content producers and their customers this week.  A federal district judge granted summary judgment in to file-sharing service Veoh in a lawsuit brought by Universal Music.  Greg Sandoval gets the story mostly right at CNet. Universal sued the site, claiming that […]

“Did You Know?” (Shift Happens) video updated for fall 2009

The “Did You Know?” video presents amazing data about the disruptive power of digital life. Highly recommended.