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CIO Insight/LoD

“The Best IT-Business Books of 2009,” CIO Insight, December, 2009. The Laws of Disruption was named one of the best IT-Business Books of 2009.

The Hill/Comcast

2009 “The Winter of Our Content,” The Hill, December 21, 2009. Larry’s op-ed on the paranoia surrounding Comcast’s acquistion of NBC Universal drew from themes in “The Laws of Disruption.”

TLF/10 Best

“The 10 Most Important Info-Tech Policy Books of 2009,” Technology Liberation Front, December, 2009. The Progress and Freedom Foundation’s Adam Thierer named “The Laws of Disruption” his favorite policy book of 2009.

CNET/FTC and Intel

“FTC’s new Strategy: Kick ‘Em When They’re Down,”, CNET,December 17, 2009. Larry’s perspective piece on the FTC’s decision to charge Intel with anti-competitive practices questioned the timing and motivation of the agency.

“Note to Silicon Valley: How not to Manage Privacy,”, CNET,December 11, 2009. Larry reviews recent problems in privacy policy, from Google to Facebook.

Two Smoking Guns and a Cold Case

The copyright war just isn’t dramatic enough to warrant a good novel, let alone a big movie deal. Consider a few recent stories from the on-going battle between content owners and consumers: In October, sources reported to CNET’s Greg Sandoval that part of the document exchange between Viacom and YouTube in the on-going $1.1 billion […]

Comcast: The New Forces at Work

My op-ed today in The Hill (see “The Winter of Our Content,”) argues against those who want to derail the merger of Comcast and NBC Universal.  I don’t know enough to say whether the deal makes good business sense—that’s for the companies’ shareholders to decide in any case.  But I do know that every media […]

LoD named one of Ten Most Important Info-Tech Policy Books of 2009!

The Laws of Disruption was just named one of the ten most important books published on Information and Technology Policy by the Technology Liberation Front, a leading policy blog.  Adam Thierer, the President of the Progress and Freedom Foundation, called the book “the closest thing you will find to a genuine cyber-libertarian manifesto these days,” […]

Protecting consumers from Moore’s Law: CNET

I write today on CNET (see “FTC’s new strategy:  kick ’em when they’re down”) that the FTC’s decision yesterday to attack Intel seems oddly-timed. Regular readers of this blog will recall that only a month ago, I wrote that Intel’s settlement of long-standing disputes with rival AMD (see “The Intel/AMD Settlement:  Watch What Happens”) […]

On the possible Google phone – Washington Post

Larry was quoted in today’s Washington Post in an article by Cecilia Kang.  The article covered rumors of a possible Google made-and-marketed cell phone that would run the Android operating system.  See “Google Phone Would Break Industry Model.”