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The Growth of Digital Life in Numbers

As I write in The Laws of Disruption, the pace with which digital life is developing and expanding is easy to measure but impossible to comprehend.  Changes in the ways in which we interact, experience entertainment and other information content, and exist as citizens of a digital realm happen so fast they outstrip our ability […]

Seattle Town Hall talk now available online

Larry’s speech at historic Town Hall in Seattle was filmed for the Seattle Channel.  You can watch the program in its entirety, including a wide range of audience questions, on the Seattle Channel’s website.

Seattle Channel/Town Hall

“Seattle Town Hall: Catching up With Technology”, Seattle Channel, Jan. 5, 2010. Larry spoke at Seattle’s historic Town Hall, introducing “The Laws of Disruption” and fielding a wide range of questions from the audience. The complete program is available from the Seattle Channel. Click here to view.

Next Gen Web/CES

“Stanford Fellow Says White House Retreating on Net Neutrality”, NextGenWeb, Jan. 9, 2010. One of several interviews Larry gave at CES regarding his Net Neutrality post on CNET during the conference.

CNET/Spectrum Crisis

“At stake in broadband push: Wireless Spectrum”, CNET, Jan. 22, 2010. In a final article based on material from CES, Larry writes about a looming crisis in broadband spectrum, and plans by the government to consider a wide range of solutions to free up allocated bandwidths as well as make better use of existing […]

CNET/National BB Plan

“New year, new policy push for universal broadband”, CNET, Jan. 21, 2010. More from CES. Larry reports on the new push for universal broadband access, sure to be a major feature of the forthcoming National Broadband Plan, due out in March.

CNET/Why the White House is Backing Away

“Why the White House is Backing Away from Net Neutrality”, CNET, Jan. 8, 2010. Larry’s provocative post from the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. noting a changing tone from White House and FCC officials on the commitment to strong net neutrality regulation, was widely reported, including by CBS News, The National Review, and The Daily […]

The White House’s New Internet Policy, and thoughts on Comcast v. FCC

I published the first of two pieces on CNET today about interesting and even encouraging developments in Washington over Internet policy. (See “New Year, New Policy Push for Universal Broadband”) In short, I believe that over the past year the Obama administration has come to see Internet products and services as one of the best […]

The Post-CES Hangover

It’s taken me all week to recover from the information and sensory overload of the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. I want to give particular thanks to the staff of Tech Policy Central, which put on a superb program of speakers and content. Boiling down my notes from all the sessions, I’ve […]

Speaking today at Google

I’ll be at Google’s Mountain View campus today, giving a talk on LoD and some of the most important legal developments since the book’s publication, including Net Neutrality, the Google Books settlement, the Facebook privacy flap and patent reform. For those on campus, please come by!