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The Italian Job: What the Google Convictions are Really About

I was pleased to be interviewed last night on BBC America World News (live!) about the convictions of three senior Google executives by an Italian court for privacy violations.  The case involved a video uploaded to Google Videos (before the acquisition of YouTube) that showed the bullying of a person with disabilities. (See “Larger Threat […]

Speaking this week at TTI Vanguard

Larry is speaking this week as part of TTI Vanguard’s “Shifts Happen” conference in San Francisco. Check out the remarkable list of participants and speakers.

Note to eBay: A Chink in the Amazon Armor?

I don’t usually blog “personal” stories, but this one is irresistible.  It raises disturbing questions at the border of digital and physical life, and legal problems of trademark and the emerging issues of cloud computing and data liability. EBay, as everyone knows, has been struggling to improve its customer experience in the light of disappointing […]

Google Books Redux: Technical Objections Remain

I write today on CNET (see “Gripes over Google Books go Technical”) about the Department of Justice’s filing last week in the Google Books case.  The Amended Settlement Agreement (ASA), released in November, will be discussed by the parties at a fairness hearing on Feb. 18th. The DoJ continues to object to the settlement, but […]

Microsoft Research talk now available

My talk at Microsoft Research in October is now available for viewing on the Microsoft Research website. This was one of the first talks I gave introducing “The Laws of Disruption.” It was followed by a spirited Q&A on a variety of current events in technology law and policy.

First Friday Book Club/Interview

“First Friday Book Synopsis”, Robert Morris, Jan. 28, 2010. An excerpt from Larry’s interview with Robert Morris, business book review extraordinaire.

Word of Mouth/NHPR

“NHPR: Word of Mouth”, New Hampshire Public Radio, Feb. 1, 2010. Larry spoke with Word of Mouth’s Virginia Prescott about the failing relationship between innovation and the legal system.

Authors @ Google

“Authors @ Google: Larry Downes”, Google, Mountain View, Jan. 12, 2010. Click here to view Larry’s talk at Google headquarters on “The Laws of Disruption”.

The Other Side of Privacy

After attending last week’s Federal Trade Commission online privacy roundtable, I struggled for several days to make some sense out of my notes and my own response to calls for new legislation to protect consumer privacy. The result was a 5,000 word article—too long for nearly anyone to read. More on that later. Even as […]

Interview on NPHR’s “Word of Mouth”

Larry was interviewed on Feb. 1 for the New Hampshire public radio program “Word of Mouth.”  Larry spoke with host Virginia Prescott about the accident-prone intersection of innovation and the law, and discussed recent cases including eBay v Tiffany. You can listen to the interview here.