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Great review of LoD by Robert Keahey

With some immodesty, I point to two essay/reviews of “The Laws of Disruption” by strategy and technology consultant Robert Keahey.  In the first, Keahey echoes my view that given the growing intrusion of law into innovation, reliance on legal counsel separate from strategic integration is a dangerous mistake: I think the book should be required […]

CNN/Internet Censorship and Venezuela

“Venezuela Debates Internet Regulation”, CNN, Mar. 17, 2010. Larry appears on CNN World to discuss recent posturing by Venezuela President Hugo Chavez indicating growing frustration with the “free press” of the Internet. Will Venezuela move to a more restrictive approach, and if so at what cost?

ECT/Apple and HTC Patent Fight

“Apple’s Patent Attack: This Too May be Overhyped”, E-Commerce Times, Mar. 5, 2010. Larry is quoted in this article on Apple’s patent lawsuit against rival mobile device maker HTC, pointing out that patent protection is only part of what gives the company a competitive advantage in the market. The network effects from the remarkably-successful apps […]

OCR/Two Titles Reprint

“Don’t Regulate Broadband Internet”, The Orange County Register, Mar. 17, 2010. Larry’s article on Net Neutrality and the problems of FCC jurisdiction was reprinted in The Orange County Register.

CSM/Google in China

“By Standing up to China, Google Returns to its Roots”, The Christian Science Monitor, Mar. 23, 2010. Larry is quoted extensively in this article reviewing Google’s decision to leave mainland China rather than continuing to censor search results. He notes that Google lost little financially in the short term, though left off from the quote […]

Google Problems/The Examiner

“Right Balance? Google, China, and Unraveling Aftermath”, San Jose Examiner, Mar. 24, 2010. Larry is quoted in this article reviewing Google’s decision to leave mainland China rather than continuing to censor search results.

The Conversation/KUOW

“The Laws of Disruption,” NPR’s The Conversation, Mar. 3, 2010. Larry was the guest of The Conversation’s Ross Reynolds to talk about “The Laws of Disruption” and some of the most difficult problems at the intersection of innovation and the law.

BBC/Google Italy

Google Italy convictions and the fate of immunity laws, BBC World News, Feb. 24.2010. Larry spoke to BBC World News anchor Katty Kay about what was really behind the conviction in absentia of senior Google executives in an Italian court over a controversial video uploaded to the company’s site.

The Hill/NN and K-A

“Net Neutrality Would End Innovation, Not Preserve it,” The Hill, March 15, 2010. Larry’s op-ed on the non-neutral reality of proposed Net Neutrality rules. In the development of Killer Apps, why should brick-and-mortar communications providers be prohibited from innovating?

CNET/Two Titles

“What’s in a Title? For Broadband, it’s Oz v. Kansas”, CNET, Feb. 11, 2010. In a long article published in CNET, Larry reviews the parallel histories of Titles I and II of the Communications Act of 1996. As advocates gear up to convince the FCC to try regulating broadband Internet under Title II, it’s […]