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FCC Broadband Reclassification: Third Way or the Highway?

The announcement yesterday from key Congressional Democrats of an effort to reform the Communications Act put me in a nostalgic mood. Here follows one of my longest efforts yet to bury the lede. One of my favorite courses in law school was Abner Mikva’s “Legislative Process” course, which he taught while serving on the D.C. […]

Techdirt webinar on IT and the law, May 26th

Larry will be participating in a webinar hosted by Techdirt’s Mike Masnick on May 26th. Sign up here. We’ll be talking about security and liability for IT professionals.

Albert Gallatin and the First National Broadband Plan

Over the weekend, I published an op-ed in The Des Moines Register encouraging the FCC to heed the lessons of the first national broadband plan, the one Secretary of the Treasury Albert Gallatin sent to Congress in 1808. Gallatin was a remarkable figure in the early history of the federal government, and his accomplishments include […]

Net Neutrality and the Inconvenient Constitution

I appeared this afternoon on the inaugural edition of TechCrunch TV to talk about–what else?–Net Neutrality. Multiple media sources are now reporting that the FCC, contrary to reports from earlier this week, has decided to go ahead with an effort to change the classification of broadband Internet service from a Title I “information service” to […]