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Bilski: Justice Stevens’ Last Tilt at the IP Windmills

I dashed off a quick analysis of the Bilski decision for CNET yesterday (see “Supreme Court Hedges on Business Method Patents”), a follow-up to a piece I wrote for The Big Money when the case was argued last fall.  (See “Not with my Digital Economy, You Don’t.”) The decision was a surprise for me.  I […]

CNET article on Supreme Court patent case

My article for CNET on the Bilski case, “Supreme Court hedges on business method patents,” appeared this morning.  I’m pleased to say that as a non-journalist I was able to file the story within two hours of the Court releasing the opinions! Check back later for a blog post on the case and its importance […]

Viacom v. YouTube: The Principle of Least Cost Avoidance

I’m late to the party, but I wanted to say a few things about the District Court’s decision in the Viacom v. YouTube case this week and.  This will be a four-part post, covering: 1.  The holding 2.  The economic principle behind it 3.  The next steps in the case 4.  A review of the […]

FCC Votes for Reclassification, Dog Bites Man

Not surprisingly, FCC Commissioners voted 3 to 2 today to open a Notice of Inquiry on changing the classification of broadband Internet access from an “information service” under Title I of the Communications Act to “telecommunications” under Title II.  (Title II was written for telephone service, and most of its provisions pre-date the breakup of […]

Updates to the “Media” Page

I’ve added almost twenty new posts to the Media Page from April and May. These were busy months for those interested in the dangerous intersection of technology and policy, the theme of The Laws of Disruption. A major court decision upended the Federal Communications Commissions efforts to pass new net neutrality regulations, leading the Commission […]


“Internet Regulation? That Is The Billion Dollar Question”, NextGenWeb, May 21, 2010. The good folks at NextGenWeb highlighted Larry’s commentary on broadband regulation and its impact on Internet business, calling him “one of the leading voices on broadband policy.”

KTVU/SB 1411

“State Senator Pushing For Law Against Online ‘E-personation’”, KTVU Fox News, June 10, 2010. Larry was interviewed on Bay Area Fox news to talk about California Senate SB 1411, which would criminalize impersonating another person online. See Larry’s analysis of the bill here.

Larry moderates venture capital panel at IBF

Larry moderated a fascinating panel discussion at this year’s International Business Forum Venture Capital Investing Conference. He interviewed Kleiner Perkins Partner Matt Murphy, Shopkick CEO Cyriac Roedder and business partners from Citibank and P&G on how the new venture launched its Causeworld application in record time.


“White House and Google: Cozy, as charged” Fortune, May 21, 2010. Larry’s reporting on net neutrality got some unfriendly (and incomplete) readings at the White House, as revealed in emails between Deputy CTO Andrew McLaughlin and executives at Google. The emails were revealed as part of an investigation into communications between McLaughlin and his former […]

Techdirt/Security Webinar

“Does IT need to worry about the law?”, Techdirt, May 27, 2010. Larry was one of two featured speakers in a Techdirt webinar on what IT executives need to know about Internet security law. Watch an archive of the webinar here (free registration required).