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Paul Allen: When a Patent Troll is an Enigma

I don’t have a great deal to add to coverage of last week’s big patent story, which concerned the filing of a complaint by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen against major technology companies including Apple, Google, Facebook and Yahoo. Diane Searcey of The Wall Street Journal, Tom Krazit at CNET, and Mike Masnick on Techdirt […]

Meditations in a Privacy Emergency

Emotions ran high at this week’s Privacy Identity and Innovation conference in Seattle.  They usually do when the topic of privacy and technology is raised, and to me that was the real take-away from the event. As expected, the organizers did an excellent job providing attendees with provocative panels, presentations and keynotes talks—in particular an […]

New white paper from PFF on Title II “sins”

The Progress and Freedom Foundation has just published a white paper I wrote for them titled “The Seven Deadly Sins of Title II Reclassification (NOI Remix).”  This is an expanded and revised version of an earlier blog post that looks deeply into the FCC’s pending Notice of Inquiry regarding broadband Internet access. You can download […]

San Francicsco Chronicle op-ed today

Larry has an op-ed titled “Net Neutrality is a Technical, not a Political Problem” in today’s San Francisco Chronicle.  He responds to an editorial that ran earlier this week in the paper calling for the FCC to pull the trigger on reclassifying broadband as a “common carrier” service.

Deconstructing the Google-Verizon Framework

I’ve just published a long analysis for CNET of the proposed legislative framework presented yesterday by Google and Verizon. The proposal has generated howls of anguish from the usual suspects (see Cecilia Kang, “Silicon Valley criticizes Google-Verizon accord” in The Washington Post; Matthew Lasar’s “Google-Verizon NN Pact Riddled with Loopholes” on Ars Technica and Marguerite […]

Flurry of activity on net neutrality this week signals progress

At ten A.M. this morning, CNET asked if I could write an article unraveling the legal implications of a rumored deal between Google and Verizon on net neutrality.  I didn’t see how I could analyze a deal whose terms (and indeed, whose existence) are unknown, but I thought it was a good opportunity to […]

CNET/iPhone Jailbreaking

“The Jailbreaking Exemption has its Limits”, CNET, July 29, 2010. Larry analyzes the Copyright Office’s decision to grant copyright exemptions to cellphone “jailbreaking” and unlocking in this much-reprinted article from CNET. While noting subtle shifts in copyright law, Larry points out important limits to the decision that were left out of much of the […]

WSJ/Bilski and Patents

“Government Drops the Ball on Patents”, The Wall Street Journal, July 19, 2010. Journal columnist Gordon Crovitz quotes from Larry’s blog and from “The Laws of Disruption” in an article lamenting the failure of patent law to catch up with developments in software innovation over the last fifty years.

Upcoming speaking events

Larry will be a featured speaker at two upcoming technology policy events. Larry will be speaking on recent developments in broadband regulation on August 11th in San Jose at “State of the Net West 2010.”  This event is organized by the Advisory Committee to the Congressional Internet Caucus, and takes place on the eBay campus. […]