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The Net Neutrality Sausage Factory Ramps up Production

My article for CNET this morning analyzes the “leaked” net neutrality bill from Rep. Henry Waxman, chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.  I put leaked in quotes because so many sources came up with this document yesterday that its escape from the secrecy of the legislative process hardly seems dramatic.  Reporters with […]

The end of software ownership

 My article for CNET this morning, “The end of software ownership…and why to smile,” looks at the important decision a few weeks ago in the Ninth Circuit copyright case, Vernor v. Autodesk.  (See also excellent blog posts on Eric Goldman’s blog. Unfortunately these posts didn’t run until after I’d finished the CNET piece.) The […]

Media updates for August

August is usually a quiet month for everything, especially technology policy. But a number of significant developments this summer, including intensive negotiations over Net Neutrality at the FCC and elsewhere, kept Larry busy with media queries and articles. We’ve added a dozen new posts to the Media Page for August alone. The accidents continue to […]

Time/Net Neutrality

“Net Neutrality: flash point for foes of big government”, Time Magazine, September 8, 2010. Larry was quoted extensively in Time’s review of the political reality behind much of the Net Neutrality debate.

PII2010/Competing on Privacy

“Competing on Privacy”, PII 2010, September 3, 2010. Video of the “Competing on Privacy” panel at Privacy Identity and Innovation 2010, which Larry moderated. Panelists include Fran Maier of TrustE and Christopher Wolf of the Future of Privacy Forum.

Techdirt/Paul Allen

“Is Paul Allen’s patent madness really an attempt to show the madness of patents?”, Techdirt, August 30, 2010. Larry’s blog post on Paul Allen’s patent lawsuit against leading Internet companies set off a minor firestorm. Mike Masnick of Techdirt doubted Larry’s speculation that Allen was really just showing up how broken the patent system is. […]

PFF/Seven Deadly Sins

“The seven deadly sins of Title II reclassification (NOI remix)”, Progress on Point, August 20, 2010. The Progress & Freedom Foundation published an expanded version of Larry’s blog on latent problems lurking within the FCC’s proposed “Third Way” reclassification of broadband Internet. See commentary at NextGenWeb, InsiderOnline and Digital Society.

SJ Mercury/NN Cold War

“Ending the net neutrality cold war”, The San Jose Mercury News, August 19, 2010. Larry responded to an op-ed by law professors Susan Crawford and Lawrence Lessig, pointing out the practical limits of wireless broadband Internet and the need to restrain the tendency of regulators to tinker with evolving technologies. See commentary at, The […]

Future Tense/What are we fighting for

“Net Neutrality: What are we fighting for?”, American Public Media Future Tense, August 20, 2010. Larry was invited along with other legal scholars to provide additional commentary on the Google-Verizon crisis for Future Tense’s blog.

Future Tense/Google-Verizon

“Battle lines being drawn for Google, Verizon, net neutrality”, American Public Media Future Tense, August 13, 2010. Larry was interviewed on the Google-Verizon proposal for the NPR program “Future Tense.”