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Predictions about the future of TV – 100% correct and incorrect

CNET’s Declan McCullaugh points out a chilling news story about the convergence of TV and information services…from 1980:

Fox-Cablevision and The Net Neutrality Hammer

When the only thing you have is a hammer, as the old cliché goes, everything looks like a nail. Net neutrality, as I first wrote in 2006, is a complicated issue at the accident-prone intersection of technology and policy.  But some of its most determined—one might say desperate—proponents are increasingly anxious to simplify the problem […]

One Cheer for Patent Trolls

“On the whole, the results certainly seem to suggest that patent trolls with software patents do very much view the system as a lottery ticket, and they’re willing to use really weak patents to try to win that prize. That is not at all what the patent system is designed to do, but it’s how […]