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Domain Name Seizures and the Limits of Civil Forfeiture

I was quoted this morning in Sara Jerome’s story for The Hill on the weekend seizures of domain names the government believes are selling black market, counterfeit, or copyright infringing goods. The seizures take place in the context of an on-going investigation where prosecutors make purchases from the sites and then determine that the goods […]

Updates to the media page

The fall has been filled with important developments in the technology world, and I continue to be a regular source for journalists as well as publishing frequent editorials and analyses of my own.  I’ve just posted another ten items to the Media Page of my website, including several articles I’ve written for CNET, an […]


“Memo to Washington: it’s the broadband, stupid”, CNET November 18, 2010. On the eve of a rumored decision by the FCC to move forward with its long-stalled net neutrality rulemaking, Larry urges all policy stakeholders to abandon regulatory minutia in favor of resurrecting the forgotten but crucial National Broadband Plan. See commentary at Daily […]

CNET/Right to be Forgotten

“My own private memory hole”, CNET, November 16, 2010. Larry looks into the European Commission’s proposed “right to be forgotten” and argues against it. The information economy uses information as its fuel, and the pending legislation, though well-intentioned, has disastrous potential. See commentary at World Net Daily.


“High Court’s violent video-game sales ruling: why now?”, CNET, November 2, 2010. For CNET, Larry reviews the legal and industry implications of the Supreme Court’s decision to review California’s violent video game ban. Now that video games have become “realistic,” they are facing the same challenges of earlier new media, including movies, music, and […]

Roll Call/Title II

“Waxman’s Net Neutrality Proposal Less Dangerous than Genachowski’s”, Roll Call, November 2, 2010. On election day, Roll Call newspaper carried Larry’s op-ed urging the FCC not to go ahead with controversial plans to reclassify broadband Internet, regardless of the voting outcome.  See commentary at Internet Innovation Alliance and Internet Freedom Coaliton.

Silicon Angle/Fox-Cablevision

“The Beginning of the end of Net Neutrality,”, Silicon Angle, October 27, 2010. Larry’s long blog post on the Fox-Cablevision dispute and the intemperate decision by net neutrality advocates to drag it into the debate over limits on content access was cited by Steve Effros, both at Silicon Angle and at Digital Society.


“The Laws of Disruption (review)”, International Journal of Communications, October, 2010. LoD was treated to a long review in the leading journal of communications business and policy, published by USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.

Reason/Waxman bill

“Congress to FCC: All Your Net Neutrality Authority are Belong to Us”, Reason Magazine, September 28, 2010. Larry was quoted extensively in Reason magazine’s review of Rep. Waxman’s proposed net neutrality legislation. See also the Reason Foundation’s “Out of Control” policy blog.

CNET/Waxman bill

“Leaked Net neutrality bill threads needle on wireless”, CNET, September 28, 2010. Larry provided instant analysis of a leaked net neutrality bill that Rep. Henry Waxman circulated just prior to mid-term elections, and explained why it had little chance of being introduced. This article was featured as the lead story by the Wall Street […]