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Chairman Genachowski and His Howling Commissioners: Reading the Open Internet Report (Part I)

At the last possible moment before the Christmas holiday, the FCC published its Report and Order on “Preserving the Open Internet,” capping off years of largely content-free “debate” on the subject of whether or not the agency needed to step in to save the Internet. In the end, only FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski fully supported […]

Radio commentary on rescuing the National Broadband Plan

I recorded a commentary today  for KQED–NPR in the Bay Area–on the importance of the National Broadband Plan.  In the wake of tumult over net neutrality, Title II, and other regulatory gibberish, the important goals of the NBP, published in March of 2010, have been lost.  That’s unfortunate, because the authors did a great job […]

Cloud Users and Providers Win Big Privacy Victory – U.S. v. Warshak

The Sixth Circuit ruled on Tuesday that criminal investigators must obtain a warrant to seize user data from cloud providers, voiding parts of the notorious Stored Communication Act.  The SCA allowed investigators to demand providers turn over user data under certain circumstances (e.g., data stored more than 180 days) without obtaining a warrant supported by […]

Interview on NPR Marketplace today

Larry was interviewed this morning on NPR’s Marketplace Tech Report.  Larry talks about why the FCC’s proposed net neutrality rules treat wireless broadband with a lighter touch than they do for wired access.  Given the explosion in demand and the limited ability for carriers to add towers, increase capacity, and access additional radio spectrum (itself […]

Brief thoughts on today’s FCC Net Neutrality announcement

Late last night, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski made explicit what he’d been hinting for weeks–that he was going to call for a vote in December on the agency’s long-running net neutrality proceedings. Today, the Chairman gave a speech outlining a new version of the rules he has circulated to fellow Commissioners, which will be voted […]