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Why no one will join the Global Network Initiative

I’ve posted a long article on this morning on the Global Network Initiative. A non-profit group aimed at improving human rights though the agency of information technology companies, GNI has never really gotten off the ground. Since its formal launch in 2008, following two years of negotiations among tech companies, human rights groups and […]

AT&T and T-Mobile: The Antitrust Terrorists

In the rush of ink that flowed yesterday over AT&T’s announced merger with T-Mobile USA, I posted a long piece on CNET calling for calm, reasoned analysis of the deal by regulators, chiefly the Department of Justice and the FCC. Since the details of the deal have yet to be fleshed out, it’s hard to […]

Larry on CSPAN’s “The Communicators”

Larry appeared this week on “The Communicators,” C-SPAN’s weekly program exploring the digital future. Larry spoke with veteran D.C. reporter Peter Slen on a wide range of topics at the 2011 State of the Net Conference, where the interview was taped. Subjects included net neutrality, the Law of Disruption, and the poor fit of emerging […]

Updates to the Media Page

2011 has already been filled with important developments in the technology world, and I continue to be a regular source for journalists as well as publishing frequent editorials and analyses of my own. I’ve just posted several new items to the Media Page of my website, including articles I’ve written for CNET and for […]

Larry Downes – Ideas in Action

“Ideas in Action with Jim Glassman: The Next Digital Decade,” Public Broadcasting System, March 8, 2011. Larry speaks with “Ideas in Action” host Jim Glassman and law professor Geoffrey Manne about the next digital decade.’

Larry on PBS “Ideas in Action”

Larry appeared along with Lewis & Clark Law Professor Geoffrey Manne on the PBS program “Ideas in Action” this week to discuss The Next Digital Decade.

TPM/Verizon 2

“Court Rejects Verizon’s Net Neutrality Judge Shopping, but Lawsuit Continues,” Talking Points Memo, Feb. 3, 2011. Larry is interviewed for Talking Points Memo on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeal’s rejection of Verizon’s request to have its case heard by the same panel of judges who decided the Comcast appeal in April, 2010.


“I Want my Spectrum Inventory,” Forbes, March 3, 2011. Writing for Forbes, Larry explains in detail why a spectrum inventory is essential, and speculates on reasons the FCC has avoided completing one.

CNET/Snowe bill

“Snowe, Kerry Introduce Spectrum Inventory Bill,” CNET, March 2, 2011. For CNET, Larry analyzes efforts by Congress and the White House to force the FCC to complete a long-overdue and much-needed inventory of existing spectrum licenses, in the wake of an imminent “spectrum crisis” for mobile broadband Internet.


“Congress Zeroes in on FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules,” CNET, Feb. 23, 2011. For CNET, Larry analyzes several actions taken in the early weeks of the new Congress to nullify the FCC’s Dec., 2010 Open Internet Order. Republicans have made the issue the test case for their new House majority, putting the White House in […]