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For AT&T/T-Mobile merger, Sprint throws in regulatory kitchen sink

For CNET this morning, I write about the latest tempest in the AT&T/T-Mobile USA merger teapot: cellular backhaul or “special access” as its known in the industry. Like a child sitting on Santa’s lap at the mall, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse included backhaul in his wish list of conditions he’d like to see attached to […]

Forbes/CRA Vote on NN

“The net neutrality fight goes on,, April 12, 2011. Larry was in Washington for the House vote to disapprove the FCC’s December, 2010 “net neutrality” rulemaking, and covered the event–and the likely next steps–for See also coverage at Internet Freedom Coalition and Amplify Your Voice.

Rogue Websites/CEI

“What should lawmakers do about rogue websites,” Competitive Enterprise Institute, April 7, 2011. Larry appeared at the National Press Club to discuss current and proposed federal laws aimed at curbing online piracy, in an event sponsored by the Competitive Enterprise Institute.


“Why no one will join the Global Network Initiative,”, March 30, 2011. Larry’s long investigative piece for Forbes looks at the troubled history of the human rights group Global Network Initiative and recent pressure on Facebook, Twitter and others to join it. See commentary at Human Rights First.

CNET/State merger review

“NY to scrutinize AT&T and T-Mobile Merger,” CNET, March 29, 2011. Larry talks to CNET’s Marguerite Reardon about the potential for state antitrust regulators to get involved in reviewing the AT&T/T-Mobile merger.

Time/Slate quote

“Verbatim: Talking Heads,” Time, Feb. 14, 2011. Larry’s article on governing the Internet for Slate was excerpted in the “Talking Heads” section of Time magazine.

CNET/Merger Part One

“AT&T and T-Mobile: Listen before your judge,” CNET, March 20, 2011. On the day AT&T announced its planned merger with T-Mobile USA, Larry laid out some of the main issues that have since dominated the debate over the transaction and its compliance with U.S. antitrust law. His article was quoted in, WSJ SmartMoney, […]


“The Communicators at State of the Net,” C-SPAN, March 19, 2011. Larry was interviewed at State of the Net 2011 for C-SPAN’s “The Communicators.” Follow the link for the video.

ICE Seizures/TorrentFreak

“Five Reasons Why the US Domaian Seizures are Unconstitutional,” TorrentFreak, March 12, 2011. In a much-reprinted article, Larry’s legal analysis of domain name seizures by the Department of Homeland Security is quoted extensively.


“Is Digital Utopianism Dead?,”, March 10, 2011. Reflecting on more than 10 years working with Internet technologies, Larry asks again why it is that open always wins and closed always loses, and why that matters to Internet policy.