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Net neutrality poisoning spectrum auctions

On CNET this morning, I argue that delay in approving FCC authority for voluntary incentive auctions is largely the fault of last year’s embarrassing net neutrality rulemaking. While most of the public advocates and many of the industry participants have moved on to other proxy battles (which for most was all net neutrality ever was), […]

My summer romance: the FCC’s wireless competition report

I’m spending the summer curled up with a good book–or more precisely, a good 300 page printout of the FCC’s 15th Annual Mobile Wireless Competition Report. It’s massive collection of data makes compelling reading for the mobile industry geek, and the 100 or so charts and tables make the 3d special effects in “Green Lantern” […]

CNET/EMA decision

“Video games given full First Amendment protection,” CNET, June 27, 2011. Larry’s detailed review of the Supreme Court’s landmark decision rejecting California’s violent video game law as a facial violation of the First Amendment.

Silicon Angle/CREATE

“Regulating pirates is like ‘shutting down a crack house.’ Only harder,” Silicon Angle, June 17, 2011. Coverage (including video) of Arts & Lab’s CREATE panel on pending legislation to curb “rogue” websites. Larry appeared with Rep. Marsha Blackburn, Rep. Jared Polis, Andrew Keen and others.

PII Podcast

“PII Podcast – Privacy, Personal Data and Publicness – Where are we Heading?” PII 2011, June 2, 2011. Podcast of the panel hosted by the Wall Street Journal’s Julia Angwin on the future of the privacy debate. Larry appeared with Marc Davis, Michael Fertick and Chris Kelly. (40 minutes)

“Spectrum reform, public safety network, move forward in Senate,” CNET, June 11, 2011. Larry reviews the prospects for a bi-partisan bill introduced in the Senate aimed at heading off an imminent spectrum crisis for mobile users.

Larry to speak to Capitol Hill on Protect IP Act

On July 25, Larry will participate in a briefing addressing mounting concerns about the Protect IP Act, the latest proposal for curbing “rogue” websites that deal in pirated goods. The program is being hosted by the Competitive Enterprise Institute and takes place at the Rayburn House Office Building, Room 2103, at 10:00 AM. Registration is […]

FCC Mobile Competition Report Is One Green Light for AT&T/T-Mobile Deal

BY LARRY DOWNES AND GEOFFREY A. MANNE The FCC published in June its annual report on the state of competition in the mobile services marketplace. Under ordinary circumstances, this 300-plus page tome would sit quietly on the shelf, since, like last year’s report, it ‘‘makes no formal finding as to whether there is, or is […]