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The Closing of the Spectrum Frontier

On Fierce Mobile IT, I’ve posted a detailed analysis of the NTIA’s recent report on government spectrum holdings in the 1755-1850 MHz. range and the possibility of freeing up some or all of it for mobile broadband users. The report follows from a 2010 White House directive issued shortly after the FCC’s National Broadband Plan […]

NN Shareholder/Forbes

“AT&T, Verizon, Sprint Net Neutrality Proposals: Simply Awful,” Forbes, April 12, 2012. Larry dissects poorly-written and counter-productive shareholder proposals being urged on investors of leading mobile carriers to “operate” their networks “consistent” with net neutrality “principles.”


“No, Comcast is not Breaking the Internet…Again,” CNET, April 2, 2012. Larry takes an in-depth look at complaints about the new Comcast/Xbox service, which demonstrate once again that when all self-styled consumer advocates have is a net neutrality hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Grasping at Straws/Forbes

“Best Buy Grasping at Straws,” Forbes, March 29, 2012. Larry reviews proposals made by Best Buy to reverse its failing business in a follow-up article for Forbes. Other Forbes contributors cited Larry’s writings on the company’s strategy, including Forbes’ staffer Dan Bigman.


“Is Best Buy Following CompUSA, Circuit City to Certain Doom?,” CNET, March 29, 2012. For CNET, Larry recounts the many strategic blunders of the consumer electronics giant in its response to changing technology and consumer buying habits in the wake of a company announcement that it was closing 40 stores.


“Big Surprise: The World has More Best Buy Stores than it Needs,” Time, March 29, 2012. Techland’s Harry McCracken reconsiders Larry’s original Best Buy post in light of the company’s disappointing 2011 results.

Comcast XBox/Marketplace

“How Comcast is Taking Advantage of the Schminternet,” Marketplace Tech Report, March 29, 2012. Larry spoke with Marketplace’s John Moe about misplaced claims that Comcast’s new service allowing a customer’s XBox to replace a set-top box doesn’t come close to violating the FCC’s “net neutrality” rules, in letter or in spirit.


“Issues that Concern You: Cyberbullying,” Greenhaven Press, March 31, 2012. Larry’s article on California’s new “e-personation” law was reprinted in this collection of essays aimed at young adult readers. Larry argued that the law was unnecessary and full of unintended errors and loopholes.

BBY/Daily Finance

“Five Reasons Best Buy Stockholders Should Dread Thursday,” AOL Daily Finance, March 27, 2012. AOL’s Daily Finance cited Larry’s Forbes articles as one of the leading sources of negative pressure on Best Buy as the company headed for its fourth quarter earnings report.


“Sunsetting Technology Regulation: Applying Moore’s Law to Washington,” Forbes, March 25, 2012. Writing for Forbes, Mercatus Center’s Adam Thierer dusts off his copy of “The Laws of Disruption” to argue that technology-specific regulations should be revisited or dropped every 12-18 months.