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The federal Government Plays the Spectrum Shell Game

On CNET today, I’ve posted a long critique of the recent report by the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) urging the White House to reverse course on a two-year old order to free up more spectrum for mobile users. In 2010, soon after the FCC’s National Broadband Plan raised alarms about […]


“The Fight Against SOPA/PIPA and the Rise of the Bitroots Movement” Tech Policy Summit, June 22, 2012. Video from Larry’s panel on the fight against SOPA and PIPA, from the 2012 Tech Policy Summit conference in Napa Valley.


“This Week in Law #168″ TWIL, June 29, 2012. Larry makes a return visit to “This Week in Law” to discuss the U.N., patents, media blunders in social networking, and Google’s Project Glass.

CNET/WCIT Resolution

“The U.N. vs. the Internet: The Fight Escalates” CNET, June 19, 2012. Larry reports on increased agitation in Congress and the White House over efforts to hijack the International Telecommunications Union and turn it into the U.N.’s Internet police force.


“Why the U.N. Tax Proposal Could Seriously Harm the Web” WebProNews, June 19, 2012. (Video) Larry speaks with WebProNews about the U.N.’s plan to fundamentally alter the structure of the Internet as part of the renegotiation of the International Telecommunications Regulations treaty.


“U.N. Could Tax U.S.-based Websites, Leaked Documents Show” CNET, June 7, 2012. In a breakthrough article that received international attention, Larry and CNET’s chief political correspondent Declan McCullagh are first to report on leaked documents from the U.N.’s upcoming treaty conference on international telecommunications that reveal efforts to use the treat to fundamentally change the […]


“How the Tech Insudstry’s Anti-SOPA Tactics Changed Politics” ReadWriteWeb, June 8, 2012. Larry comments at Tech Policy Summit were quoted in this article on the new influence of tech companies in Washington following the defeat of SOPA and PIPA.

Forbes/Special Access

“The FCC Noses Under the Broadband Tent” Forbes, June 6, 2012. Larry warns of the dangers of continued efforts by the FCC to assert authority Congress never gave it over broadband Internet services and suppliers. An order circulated by Chairman Julius Genachowski asked the Commission to reconsider its hands-off policy to middle mile Internet services […]


“Techies Agree–They Don’t Lobby Congress Enough” National Journal, June 6, 2012. Larry’s comments from a panel on SOPA/PIPA at Tech Policy Summit were quoted in this article on the changing relationship between Silicon Valley and Washington.

CNET/SB 1161

“Government Control of Net is Always a Bad Idea” CNET, June 4, 2012. For CNET, Larry looks at a proposed California law that would prohibit the Public Utilities Commission from regulating Voice over Internet Protocol providers of phone services, and hears echoes of efforts by the U.N. to exert its influence as well.