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“Customer Intelligence, Privacy, and the ‘Creepy Factor’” Harvard Business Review, August 15, 2012. In his inaugural post for HBR’s blog, Larry looks at how novel uses of information stimulate a visceral reaction in consumers, one that unfortunately tempts legislators and regulators to take action. What to do instead? Usually, nothing.


“Why is the UN Trying to Take Over the Internet?” Forbes, August 9, 2012. For Forbes, Larry looks at recent developments in the lead-up to this year’s rewrite of the leading international telecommunications policy. Constituents with very different agendas are teaming up to use the effort to shift critical control over the Internet and its […]


“One One Year Anniversary, Gig.U Delivers Impressive Results” Forbes, August 6, 2012. Larry takes a close look at Gig.U, a consortium of university towns working to break the 1 gigabit Internet barrier. What communities are willing to give up reveals a great deal of what holds back infrastructure deployment. Hint: it isn’t money.


“Feds to Mobile Users: Drop Dead” CNET, July 30, 2012. Larry parses the details of two recent federal reports on spectrum that suggest agencies are working hard to avoid a Presidential order to free up spectrum for mobile broadband consumers.

What Google Fiber, Gig.U and US Ignite Teach us About the Painful Cost of Legacy Regulation

On Forbes today, I have a long article on the progress being made to build gigabit Internet testbeds in the U.S., particularly by Gig.U. Gig.U is a consortium of research universities and their surrounding communities created a year ago by Blair Levin, an Aspen Institute Fellow and, recently, the principal architect of the FCC’s National […]