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Praise for California passage of law protecting VoIP from local utility regulators

On Friday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 1161, which prohibits the state’s Public Utilities Commission from any new regulation of Voice over Internet Protocol or other IP-based services without the legislature’s authorization. California now joins over twenty states that have enacted similar legislation. The bill, which is only a few pages long, was introduced […]


“EU Telcos Defend UN Internet Takeover Plans,” CNET, September 23 2012. A trade association of Europe’s leading phone companies is pushing back hard against criticism of its plan to have the UN mandate new Internet taxes on high-bandwidth content providers including YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu. Larry’s article for CNET cuts through the double-talk.


“The Madness of Regulating VoIP as a Public Utility,” Forbes, September 10 2012. Amid growing calls to regulate Internet services by state and local public utility commissions, Larry looks back on the history and purpose of such regulation and concludes the fit is just awful

Larry to moderate Capitol Hill briefing on broadband Sept. 13th, 2012

Larry will moderate a briefing for Congress on the growing importance of broadband to U.S. manufacturing companies. The event takes place from 9:15-10:15 on Sept. 13, 2012 at the Capitol Visitors Center, Room 200. The briefing is part of the National Association of Manufacturers “Shopfloor Series.” The event is co-hosted by Reps. Brett Guthrie (R-KY) […]

CNET/SB 1161

“Memo to Jerry Brown: Sign SB 1161 for all Internet Users,” CNET, August 30, 2012. In a commentary for CNET, Larry urges California Governor Jerry Brown to sign a bill that would keep the state’s public utilities commission out of VoIP and other Internet-based services.

Forbes/Special Access

“The FCC Scores a Hat Trick of Errors on Internet Regulation,” Forbes, August 27, 2012. Larry reviews the FCC’s late-August reports on broadband, special access, and the Verizon-Cable deal. Where the agency sees its role in broadband expanding, Larry argues otherwise.

Forbes/706 Report

“How the FCC Sees Broadband’s 95% Success as 100% Failure,” Forbes, August 23, 2012. Larry takes a close look at the FCC’s annual broadband competition report, and comes to a very different conclusion than the agency’s Democratic commissioners.

Business Insider/BB Losing

“Now Best Buy is Even Losing out to Mom and Pop Chains,” Business Insider, August 21, 2012. Further decay in Best Buy’s prospects led several publications to revisit Larry’s January 2012 prediction of the chain’s demise. See also The Daily Beast.

Reason/Spectrum Crunch

“Users Experience Symptoms of Spectrum Crunch,” Reason, August 7, 2012. Reason’s Steven Titch cites Larry on recent efforts by the federal government to back out of plans to free up spectrum for mobile broadband users.


“Yahoo v Facebook Enters the Annals as a Big Waste of Money” , CNET, July 6, 2012. Larry speaks with CNET about the end of Yahoo’s lawsuit against Facebook amid a growing tech war over patents.