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“U.N. Agency Reassures: We Just Want to Break the Internet, Not Take it Over”,” Forbes, October 1, 2012. Larry continues his campaign against the secret upcoming U.N. conference, taking a close look at clumsy P.R. efforts by the International Telecommunications Union to defend an expanded role for itself in Internet governance.


“Big Telecom Pushes De-Regulation Bill in California”,” The American Independent, September 10, 2012. Larry is quoted at length in another article critical of SB 1161, offering a counter-point to poorly-informed claims about the law’s likely impact.

San Diego Reader/SB1161

“Qualcomm-backed Bill Would be ‘Cataclysmic’ for Cost and Quality of California Internet Service, Critics Claim”,” San Diego Reader, September 4, 2012. Larry is quoted at length in this article critical of SB 1161, which California Governor Jerry Brown signed later that month.


“Malaysia’s Internet blackout: Politicisation of online activism?”,” East Asia Forum, August 31, 2012. Larry analysis of the “bitroots” movement is compared to an online blackout in Malaysia staged in protest to new censorship laws.


“Why does the FCC want to tax Internet access?”,” Digital Trends, August 27, 2012. Larry is quoted in this article about efforts by the FCC to transform the Universal Service Fund into a broadband subsidy, without Congressional authorization.

HBR/Privacy Chat

“HBRChat: Customer Intelligence, Privacy and the ‘Creepy Factor’”,” Harvard Business Review, August 23, 2012. A Twitter chat on Larry’s Harvard Business Review post on customer intelligence and privacy generated a lively discussion, summarized by HBR..

BFA/Progress Report

“Criticism of the FCC’s Broadband Progress Report Continues,” Broadband for America, August 24, 2012. Larry’s articles on the 2012 Broadband Progress Report are quoted at length by Broadband for America, an advocacy group representing over 300 member organizations.

Larry to speak at Tools of Change Nov. 7 in Charleston

Larry will be moderating a panel discussion on “Creativity and Commerce” at a mini Tools of Change seminar on Nov. 7, 2012 in Charleston, SC.  Details are available on the O’Reilly Conferences website.