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Disruptive Tecnologies and the Watchful Waiting Principle

When the smoke cleared and I found myself half caught-up on sleep, the information and sensory overload that was CES 2013 had ended. There was a kind of split-personality to how I approached the event this year.  Monday through Wednesday was spent in conference tracks, most of all the excellent Innovation Policy Summit put together […]

Larry to Speak at “State of the Net 2013″ Next Week

Larry will be participating in next week’s State of the Net conference, sponsored by the Congressional Internet Caucus.  Held every year in Washington, SoTN helps the bi-partisan CIC set its agenda for technology policy in the coming year. Larry will be on a panel titled “Should Congress Rewrite the Telecom Act?”  The answer is:  Yes. […]

Cato Institute Publishes Larry’s New Book on Privacy in the Era of Big Data

Larry’s short book, “A Rational Response to the Privacy ‘Crisis,‘” is being published today by The Cato Institute.  It is available free as a PDF. The book reviews the current dissonance in defining what consumer “privacy” means in the era of big data, and traces the historical roots of the debate in the United States […]